If you thought last week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead was really slow and were nodding off, checking your phone, or just grabbing a beer real quick you might have missed it, but apparently a ton of other folks didn’t and are now convinced that Chandler Riggs, aka Carl from The Walking Dead made an appearance on Fear the Walking Dead‘s last episode. Take a look at their screen shots and tell us what you think.

There are a bunch more tweets along the same line, but you get the gist. Now a lot of people are gonna say, “Hell, all teenage boys look like that now a days,” and that is a valid argument. I’d like to lean the other way though. Riggs is certainly enjoying life these days, cast on an enormously popular television show, doing conventions, meeting interesting people.  

It’s very possible that he was in L.A. for a visit or other work related thing and went to the Fear the Dead set to check things out. Once he was on set it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to insert him in the background like this. I’m sure someone will ask him about it soon and then we’ll get some kind of closure on the matter.

Now if you really want to tweak your Fanatic Walking Dead friends, slip in the conversation something about aliens and time travel…


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