While making the Press rounds for his latest film The Martian, Ridley Scott confirmed that his next film would be a Prometheus sequel. Fans were kind of expecting that, so besides a quick nod, no one really gave it much thought. Production on the new film would begin early next year and we figured we’d find out a lot of the preproduction stuff as that time drew closer. What many were not expecting was the bomb that Scott dropped while doing an interview with the German movie site Filmfutter. Scott relieved that there may be as many as THREE Prometheus sequels in development.untitled1

That had to grab your attention…

Here’s what Ridley Scott had to say when asked if Prometheus would directly connect to Alien:

Yes, but it won’t be in the next one. It will be in the one after this one or maybe even a fourth film before we get back into the ‘Alien’ franchise… The whole point of it is to explain the Alien franchise and to explain the how and why of the creation of the Alien itself.

I always thought of the Alien as kind of a piece of bacterial warfare. I always thought that that original ship, which I call the Croissant, was a battleship, holding these biomechanoid creatures that were all about destruction.

*Please note that this is a translation of a translation (From English to German and then back again) and there could be some subtle differences between what he originally said and the final translation.


Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace are returning as the android David and Elizabeth Shaw for the yet untitled Prometheus 2. Cameras should begin to roll in early February of 2016, could Scott decide to knock out another sequel and film two at once? As details become available, we’ll bring them to you.

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