Of all the “failicious”, yeah I just made that word up, Spider iterations over the last 8 years that we have dealt with and are set to deal with in the future; this Spider-Gwen trailer puts some fresh-air into the story, that it sorely needed.  But here is the kicker….it’s fan-made. Weep tears as you watch the craftily edited trailer below.

Andrew Coulombe used footage of Emma Stone in Amazing Spider-Man, Birdman, and a splattering of other films she’s appeared in over the last few years to create this very convincing trailer as part of Vulture Remix. Cosplayer Julianne Cancalosi provided the scenes of Spider-Gwen in costume, and boy does it look spiffy! For those who are just tuning in, Spider-Gwen began February 2015 and since her inception in the Spider-verse, she’s become a viral sensation. The series revolved around the Gwen Stacy of Earth-65, an alternate timeline in Edge of Spider-Verse #2 , which was a part of the 2014–15 Spider-Man event Spider-Verse.  The universe explored a universe where Gwen Stacy was bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker; forcing her  to take the helm as Spider-Woman. The first image of Gwen Stacy in the modified costume, and her subsequent storyline has made the series one of the was the third-best selling comics for Marvel in Feb. 2015. So for fans to want a film and even make this trailer go viral in less than a few hours, shows you the power of Spider-Gwen.

It should come as no surprise that with Emma Stone’s compelling interpretation of Gwen Stacy, we see an outlet for us to dream our dream. Yet as with everything in the Spider franchise, it could come true, but not with the casting that we want or deserve. But aside from that, would you watch Spider-Gwen in film? Sound off in the comments. 

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