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Ever since the power of Marvel was able to ignite an entire genre of films, comic book conventions have slowly but steadily made their way into the mainstream.  Sure the big ones are still the big ones, e.g. San Diego Comic-Con, New York Comic-Con, Dragon Con, etc., but smaller conventions have popped up across the country that have become accessible to any audience who wishes to partake in the geek culture that we all hold so dear.  One such convention took place over the weekend in Tucson, Arizona and while this infant convention may have been rather small in scale, the potential that it brought along with it was massive.  Tucson Car Con brought not only the typical superheroes that you see at most conventions but added a feature that is very uniquely Tucson – a car show.  That’s right, Tucson, AZ may have just started a new trend.

Tucson, AZ, located in southwest Arizona, and only about two hours away from Mexico (if you obey the speed limit), is home to a very rich Hispanic culture, especially the southern area of the city.  Much of that culture comes through in the gorgeous cars that freckle the city.  If you happen to drive down one of the major streets in South Tucson on a Saturday night, you will quickly notice the classic cars that many residents boast, many of those cars in the same condition they were in when they left the lot, if not better.  Earlier this year, Eric Briggs, one of the brains behind Tucson Car Con, decided to combine that culture with another that has begun to spread throughout Tucson, geek culture, and a new convention was born.  Take a look at this massive gallery to get an idea of just how unique this convention truly was.

Being the inaugural year, there is no doubt that the convention has a bit of growing to do.  The comic-to-car ratio was definitely lopsided in favor of the automobiles, the attendance was rather light for such a wonderful event but this was likely due to lack of advertising, and, considering the city, a bit of air conditioning would have been nice.  Still, as many will remember, San Diego Comic-Con began in a hotel basement, and Tucson’s neighbors to the north, Phoenix, started their comic conventions in a similar fashion.  We all know how SDCC turned out and for those who are unaware, Phoenix Comicon is one of the largest comic conventions in the country.  Let’s hope that Tucson Car Con can keep up with the competition because it is truly a unique experience and in a world full of comic conventions, unique conventions are tough to find.

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