Marvel knew that Daredevil would be a hit when they brought it to Netflix, so the obvious next step would be a feature film- right?  Wrong.  As you know, there is already a Daredevil movie, but did you know that the powers that be did consider giving Charlie Cox‘s incarnation of Matt Murdock the big screen treatment as well?  The opportunity for Kevin Feige to bring Daredevil’s story to theaters as part of Phase 3 was there, but was ultimately decided against.  Read on to hear Drew Goddard’s explanations as to why a feature film ended up being a no-go.

In a recent interview with IGN to promote The Martian, Goddard revealed this:

“I went into Marvel and talked to them about making it as a movie a couple of years ago, long after the Affleck movie,”

“But what we all sort of realized is that, this movie doesn’t want to cost $200 million. The thing about Matt Murdock is, he’s not saving the world. He’s just keeping his corner clean. So it would feel wrong to have spaceships crashing in the middle of the city. But because of that, Marvel on the movie side is not in the business of making $25 million movies. They’re going big, as they should.”

So understandably, the land of billion dollar blockbusters just isn’t Daredevil’s scene.  But then what caused the decision to move him over to Netflix?  Goddard explained:

“It felt that we’d have more freedom to make it on the small screen and make it more adult. Look, if we took the Netflix [show] and put it in theaters, it’s rated R. And they’re not doing R-rated movies. And we also got to really explore the character. I feel like Netflix was the best possible home for that, otherwise you’d end up with a watered down version.”

The decision definitely seems like a wise one, especially after the thought process is all spelled out for us.  We’re getting such an in-depth look at Matt Murdock through the Netflix series, much more detailed than we would be able to get through a film that would have all sorts of restrictions.  There wasn’t any talk of cameos being out of the question, though, and Avengers: Infinity Wars could be a cool place for Daredevil to pop up… just sayin’.  What do you think?

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