The new AMC series Fear the Walking Dead shows us the beginning of a zombie apocalypse, the audience watches as society collapses and becomes a desolate world where the dead don’t really die, but can literally come back and bite you in the ass. Under such circumstances, it would be unsurprising that our traditional structures like government and first responders would fall under the onslaught of the unknown. Perhaps though, they just weren’t prepared enough. Well, one state is going to rectify that. Taking a break from what most sources call the terrible fiscal management of the state, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is declaring October Zombie Preparedness Month.

As covered by the Kansas City Star, Brownback made the declaration from his Topeka office Wednesday. Of course, Kansas isn’t *really* getting ready for the day that hell fills up, but it is a good opportunity to make the people of Kansas aware of disaster preparedness, and the need to be ready for when the unexpected occurs. “Preparedness is important and that’s what we’re trying to get people to pay attention to – to get prepared for any natural disaster,” said Brownback. “And if you’re prepared for zombies you’re prepared for anything.”

Very zen. Representatives of the Department of Emergency Management were there, and added that Kansans can do their part by stocking enough food, water and other supplies for a 72-hour period in their home, as well as having a supply kit in their car. “Try to get trained in CPR and first aid so that if an emergency does occur you’re able to perform those basic life-saving skills,” added Devan Tucking, a human services official with DEM.

And though it was kind of a publicity stunt to get people to think about a serious topic, don’t think that Brownback and his youngest son Mark have talked extensively about what they would do when the zombies rise. “It would be best to go to my dad’s farm and get on a combine. Then you could move through…That was his idea,” said Brownback.

If you think all this is silly, remember that no less than the Centers for Disease Control ran a scenario about a potential zombie apocalypse. It even has its own section on the CDC website. So now who’s silly? Probably still Kansas, but that would be for reasons beyond whether or not they’re getting ready to battle the walking dead. Happy Zombie Preparedness Month, Kansas!


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