After denying an initial report, Sony representatives are now confirming that a new Ghostbusters animated movie is being put into development.  According to The Wrap, the animated feature will debut after Paul Feig’s upcoming live-action reboot film.  The studio will soon begin fielding pitches from writers , but a few key “main ideas” have been tossed around already – read on to learn more!

Sources that “insiders” with Sony are saying that the studio would like the animated feature to be similar to the mid-1980s cartoon series “The Real Ghostbusters,” which ran on ABC for 5 years in the classic Saturday-morning-cartoon lineup.  The show will feature a group of scientists who team up to battle supernatural forces; however, it’s not been specifically stated that the team definitively has to be either a recreation of the “classic” squad of Drs. Venkman, Stantz, Spengler, and Winston Zeddemore; nor does it specifically have to be the new, all-female team that’s the focus of the rebooted live-action film.

As for key differences from the original animated series: the studio is reportedly hoping that this story will be told from a ghost’s point of view, which could be an interesting new direction for the franchise.  Sources are also quick to note that the tale doesn’t have to take place in the immediate vicinity of New York City, as there would likely be supernatural activity all over the world in the Ghostbusters universe.

Original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman will produce the animated movie.  The live-action “Ghostbusters” reboot hits theaters on July 15, 2016; no release date for the new animated feature has yet been announced.

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