It’s the year 2015, and so we have to ask the question, Where’s my hoverboard?! In the movie Back to the Future Part II, the first part of which takes place in the year 2015, we were promised hoverboards, flying cars, easy to access plastic surgery, fax machines in all corners of the house, and, most importantly, double knot ties. Well, a good consolation prize, I guess, is to drink a futuristic Pepsi. In conjunction with the 30th anniversary of the release of Back to the Future, Pepsi is releasing a limited edition Pepsi bottle that looks like it was ordered from the Cafe 80s itself. Cue the “Beat It!” and Ronald Reagan TV waiter.

In a report from USA Today, it was revealed that Pepsi will be producing the 2015 via 1989 bottles of the soda, and that it will be released in limited quantites later this month. As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, these will not be available at your corner store. Only 6,500 of these bottles being made, and they will be made available online on “Back to the Future Day.” Full details on that will be released via social media as we get closer to the date, but if you should happen to be going to New York Comic Con this weekend, then you may have an opportunity to get one of the first 1,500 of the collector’s bottles.


You can get your bottle of “Pepsi Perfect” at NYCC in one of the following two ways:

1) Marty Mornings: Each day, the first 200 fans who come to the Pepsi Perfect Booth (#CP101) dressed as Marty McFly will take home their very own Pepsi Perfect.

  • McFly Schedule:
    Thursday  – 1-2PM; FridaySunday11AM-12PM
  • McFly outfits must contain the following:Puffy red vest or Back to the Future Part II jacket, blue jeans, white high-top sneakers and watch. Optional: hoverboard

2) Quick Draw Wild Gunman Style: Every day starting at 3PM, fans are invited to come to the Pepsi Perfect booth and play Wild Gunman for a chance to win Pepsi Perfect. Bottles will be awarded to the fastest gunman in town, so start practicing.

“We’re fans of this popular trilogy, and just generally, if you work at Pepsi you’re fans of pop culture,” said Lou Arbetter, PepsiCo’s senior director of marketing. “The brand has made its mark in pop culture frankly since Michael Jackson moonwalked. We’ve been dancing in and around pop culture for a while. So we look at this as another opportunity to have a little bit of fun.”

Well the people in this ad certainly look like they’re having fun.

There are all sorts of celebratory things take place to mark 30 years of Back to the Future, including a limited edition release of the trilogy in theaters, and the We’re Going Back celebration event later this month in L.A. Stay tuned for more BTTF goodness in the days to come…

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