‘Jaws 19’ Get a Funny Movie Trailer


Back to The Future Day is almost upon us – happening October 21st. Ahead of this auspicious event – which celebrates Marty McFly and Doc Brown’s time traveling shenanigans in Back to The Future II – comes a whole lot of announcements of cool items, videos, and other fun observances. Just earlier today BTTF fans got word that Pepsi will be coming out with a limited edition Pepsi Perfect, as modeled after the futuristic cola Marty orders at the (2015) cafe 80’s. As if that wasn’t a cool enough announcement in its own, comes now the trailer for Jaws 19!

Fans will recognize the name as the fictional future movie of 2015 – the scene where Marty goes looking for his dim witted future son stumbling upon a cineplex and is unexpectedly engulfed or rather eaten by a hologram Jaws emitting from the theater.

Screencrush have put together a cool fake trailer for Jaws 19 and this famous scene.

Similar to the end credits in 22 Jump Street, this trailer gives ridiculous titles for all nineteen movies in the series, complete with descriptions of their plotlines.

This video is particularly funny, as it hilariously pokes fun of Hollywood’s endless trend with sequels and reboots. Seems the 1985 BTTF sequel knew more about the future than fans of that time ever would have expected.

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