While we’ve only gotten to see him once during the big Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, John Hurt‘s War Doctor has left a huge impression on Doctor Who fandom. Now fans can look forward to learning more about the War Doctor when Big Finish brings John Hurt back into the War Doctor’s role for a closer look at the Time War in a four part boxed set of Audio Dramas.


Each boxed set will include three linked, hour-long stories set during the Time War. Hurt is joined by Jacqueline Pierce (Blake’s Seven) who will play Time Lord Cardinal Ollistra. Hurt and Pierce are the only announced cast so far, as others are announced we’ll let you know. The first two of the sets are titled Only the Monstrous and Infernal Devices and come out in December. Sometime in 2017 the series will get a prequel series that will look at Paul McGann‘s Eighth Doctor, during the early days of the Time Wars.

If you haven’t checked out Big Finish’s Doctor Who Audio Dramas yet, you should. There’s a ton of material there that explores some of the Doctor’s that didn’t get as much development on the show when the series started to get budget cuts and support at the BBC. There are some episodes there for free download, because once you start Big Finish is sure you’ll want more.

Here’s a couple looks from Youtube.

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