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It looks like Danger Mouse might be getting some big screen action!  Recently revived and peppered with the vocal talents of Alexander Armstrong, Kevin Eldon, John Oliver, Lena Headey, and Stephen Fry, the classic 1980’s animated series has apparently (according to The Tracking Board) been picked up by Sony Pictures Animation and Studio Canal to develop into a feature film.  Created by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall, Danger Mouse was a British cartoon about a secret agent mouse, originally running from 1981 to 1992.

The show intended to serve as a send-up of more serious British cold war spy fiction, namely James Bond and Danger Man.Danger Mouse, along with his hamster sidekick Ernest Penfold, travels the globe solving mystery, fighting crime, and stopping villains like the mad scientist wolf Doctor Augustus P. Crumhorn III.

The site goes on to tease:

“Sources say that the movie will offer clues to the origins of the world’s greatest secret agent–an agent so secret that his codename has a codename–and who just so happens to be a mouse living underneath MI6 headquarters.”

Producers are currently searching for a screenwriter, and it seems like they’d like whoever they choose to already be a fan of the series, with “a deep familiarity of the character to tackle the script.”  Also on the list of ideal traits for the eventual screenwriter: “a screenwriter who can honor the tradition of the franchise, while still updating the character enough to meet the expectations of his newest–and youngest–fans.”

It’s always great when a former favorite cartoon can get a shot at a revival- especially for their already established fanbase.  Hopefully a screenwriter that meets the above credentials can be found, because it would be a shame if a bad film sullied the reputation of a classic cartoon!

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