Sherlock has to have one of the most challenging production schedules in the history of television, the showrunner Steven Moffat is showrunning another extremely popular and long running BBC show Doctor Who, both stars, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, are incredibly popular and very in-demand movie stars. How the hell can anyone get their schedules to straightened out long enough to slip in filming a new season let alone a one-shot special? Thankfully someone managed it and the new Sherlock Special, (Don’t call it a Christmas Special Dammit!) is in post production. The BBC has just released a trailer to wet the pickiest Sherlock appetite.sherloock1

There’s still no premiere date announced for the special, but we should see it later this year, perhaps this will tide us over until 2017 when season four hits television screens. How this special fits into the timeline is still unclear, does it happen after the season three finale or some time later? Maybe it doesn’t fit anywhere really… could it all be a drug induced fantasy?

That was fun, and I am looking forward to more Sherlock, but I have to say one thing…


Look at that Glorious Mustache. Look at it! It defies proper description and cries out to the world, “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” This is the mustache that brings all the girls to the yard…

Via: Masterpiece PBS Youtube

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