It’s hard to believe we’ve gone from being totally excited about a Sylvester Stallone-lead action movie featuring all the biggest names of 80s and 90s action to just rolling our eyes at how quickly the whole thing was commoditized and turned into just another creatively bankrupt Hollywood franchise. Having said that though, and having accepted the lackluster reception for last year’s third Expendables movie, Stallone says he’s all in for part four. Don’t worry though, the actor/filmmaker says he’s learned all the important lessons in making these movies and next it will totally be different. He promises. Pinky swear and everything.

According to Variety, Millennium Movies and Upcoming Nu Image, the makers of The Expendables series, have reached a deal with China’s SSXH and Max Screen Beijing to make a new Expendables movie with a budget of $100 million and a release date for sometime in 2017. “China’s throwing money at this?” you may be asking, “Why?” Interesting story, Expendables 3 did better in China than it did North America. Evidently, they love them some Expendables over there in China.

Having said that though, can Stallone and Co. can find that old Expendables magic, that magic of a hardcore, ultraviolent action movie with lots of blood and ass kicking? “Absolutely unequivocally yes,” Stallone said. “I believe it was a horrible miscalculation on everyone’s part in trying to reach a wider audience, but in doing such, diminish the violence that the audience expects. I’m quite certain it won’t happen again.”

So no more cartoonish, over-the-top stuff, right Sly? “I have actually entertained the idea of putting the group into such an unnatural environment that it, in an of itself, creates extra suspense and tension: the ‘fish out of water’ scenario,” he explained. “That environment might not be time travel, but nearly just as jarring.”

So no time travel, but I’m going to put money on The Expendables going to an alien world in part 4. Maybe we learn that Gunner, Dolph Lundgren‘s character, is a half alien prince of that world and he needs the help of Barney of the gang to overturn the despotic skeleton man that wants to seize The Power of, let’s call it, Greyskull. You know you want to Stallone.

The Expendables 4 will be in theaters everywhere at some point in 2017. Maybe.

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