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The Flash is only one episode into the second season and awesome news is already being confirmed. When we last saw Trickster, he was being apprehended by Barry (Grant Gustin) after attaching a bomb to him which could only be removed by phasing through a wall. Once the bomb was removed, Barry raced back to Trickster and, most likely, threw him back into jail, but not before he told him where his father was being held captive. Now it seems that the Trickster is back, but the real question is what is he up to?

Now before you get worried that this is just some kind of rumor, don’t worry. This has been confirmed. Mark Hamill will definitely be reprising his role as Trickster for the second season of The Flash. However, what is unknown is what exactly Trickster will be up to once he pops back up. Another unknown is when exactly he’ll be showing up in the season. One thing is for sure, Mark Hamill has been keeping busy. Here’s the photo which started the conversation in the first place:

mark hamill trickster season 2 flash
By the look of things, it seems that the Trickster is still in jail. He’s also been keeping busy by drawing lots of photos of the Flash. Don’t forget, this is how we met Trickster in season one, and he managed to find his way out. For all we know, the same thing could happen here. Whatever happens, this should be a good episode. The last time Trickster was on The Flash, Barry ended up tapping deeper into the Speed Force making for a pretty memorable moment in the show. Let’s also not forget that this is Mark Hamill. He’s great in everything he does.

The Flash airs every Tuesday on The CW at 8 PM ET.


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