NYCC15: ‘Firefly’ Cast Would Say Yes To Season Two

Break out the tissues, because most of the Firefly cast was at New York Comic Con on Saturday and hosted a panel for over 3000 fans. Can you believe it been about 13 years since Firefly went off the air? And after all this time, the show continues to pull in crowds this big who hope and pray (probably every day) that the show will find it’s way back onto the small screen or big screen. You would think that someone out there was listening. At least the cast is still listening. Not only that, but those who showed up even did so much as to verbally say yes to doing a second season.

As the story goes, Mal (Nathan Fillion), Wash (Alan Tudyk), Zoe (Gina Torres), and Kaylee (Jewel Staite) showed up to the Javits Center on Saturday to a filled ballroom. It was during this time that the cast confirmed that they would definitely be down for a second season.

“Full-time, please,” Fillion said.

“Otherwise they would cast new people,” Staite said.

“And nobody wants that,” Torres added to thunderous applause”

How has this cast not gotten another show after all these years. If you’ve read anything else I’ve written, then you’d know I’m a big believer in crowdfunding. Video game developers do it and even movie makers do it! Remember Veronica Mars? They Kickstarted that movie to a $2.5 million budget in over 24 hours. Just recently, Tudyk created a web series through crowdfunding. His campaign raised $3.1 million. So why can’t Joss Whedon and company do the same thing? Well, Whedon already answered this question – two years ago it seems. In an interview regarding the Veronica Mars Kickstarter, Whedon had this to say about the matter,

“It also remains the case that I’m booked up by Marvel for the next three years, and that I haven’t even been able to get Dr. Horrible 2 off the ground because of that. So I don’t even entertain the notion of entertaining the notion of doing this, and won’t.”

Simply put, the man is just too busy right now. And that was two year ago. You also have to remember that Veronica Mars was a movie about a female detective who lived near the beach. Firefly is a western sci-fi that takes place in a post apocalyptic space universe. So, it would probably need a bigger budget than $2-3 million.

As of right now, Whedon is still writing for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but, according to IMDB (the most trusted site on the web next to Wikipedia), he’s not slated for anything else right now. If the stars line up exactly the way we need them to, and the entertainment gods are in the mood, then maybe Whedon will announce the Firefly crowdfunding campaign tomorrow. Until then, keep your fingers crossed.

For a video of the entire New York Comic Con panel, check out the video below.


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