Bryan Cranston rocked the role of an anti-hero stepping into the bio-hazard suit of drug kingpin Walter White for six seasons on Breaking Bad, but recently he mentioned that he was in the market for something more straight up evil. While as the 2015 BFI London Film Festival, he said, “You know what I’d like to do? I’d like to do some big superhero villain in some Marvel classic.” That villain, he explained, would be a new creation, but you can tell that Cranston likes the classics, he said so, and now he’s amended his previous comments saying that there is a Marvel Comics villain he’d like to play, X-Men arch nemesis Mr. Sinister.

While appearing at New York Comic-Con over the weekend to promote the upcoming superhero animated series SuperMansion (coming to Crackle later this fall), Cranston refined his answer by telling the crowd that he wants to play Mr. Sinister, an X-Men villain introduced in the 80s and one of the team’s most well-known antagonists. Cranston then asked the crowd what they thought. They hated the idea and responded by booing and throwing rotten fruit. Just kidding. They loved it!

In fact, BossLogic even painted up a portrait of what Cranston would look like as Sinister.


Thanks to ComicBookMovie for that one.

So, who is Mr. Sinister? Well, he has a complicated history in the Marvel [Comic Book] Universe, but it usually revolves around the Summers family – Cyclops, his wife Jean Grey, and his brother Havok. Sinister is seemingly immortal and unkillable, and has a deep understanding and appreciation for mutant genetics. More than that though, he’s a sadistic and twisted bad guy. In one of this first appearances, he put together a group of evil mutants to slaughter the Morlocks, a caste of mutants that live apart from society in the sewers of New York City.

Why might the timing be perfect to cast Cranston as Sinister? Well, next summer will see the release of X-Men: Apocalypse, and the titular bad guy there has a long history with Mr. Sinister. Also, a Gambit solo movie is scheduled to come out next November, and in the comics, Gambit was recruited by Mr. Sinister to put together the Mauraders, the team that wiped out the Morlocks (although Gambit didn’t know at the time that was the point). Interesting timing, right?

I guess we’ll find out after X-Men: Apocalypse hits big screens next summer.

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