Jeff Sneider revealed during his Meet the Movie Press podcast, one potential Boba Fett director who has made a few visits down to “San Fransisco” **coughcoughLucasFilmscoughcough**, a contender to play Boba Fett, and their thoughts on the upcoming Star Wars film hype. Listen to Sneider’s comments in the video below.

While many have been speculating the many different actors and directors for all the announced Star Wars films to come, but the guys at Meet The Movie Press podcast have started connecting the dots in the rumor-mill sea.

First up is  Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray  who considering two films for his next projects. One was the eighth Fast & Furious film, which he has confirmed that he will be directing, and the other which would require a few meetings in San Fransisco to clear up. One of the obvious possibilities is LucasFilms since they studio is in that area.  Jeff Sneider points out that this could either be for  Indiana Jones 5 or the Boba Fett standalone movie that Fantastic Four director Josh Trank was once attached to.

While dropping this juicy nugget, Jeff also speculated that “Boba Fett will be African-American” and he has heard a rumor that Disney in serious conversations with  Michael B. Jordan to play Star Wars’ notorious bounty hunter. Of course this comes with the comment that Walt Disney Studios is making every effort to hire a non-white male director to helm the project to satisfy their new diversity mandate, which is rather paltry at the moment.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrives in theaters December 18, 2015

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