Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg already have one Garth Ennis comic book adaptation, Preacher, coming to television on AMC, but word around the Internet is that the pair are also working with Supernatural creator Eric Kripke on getting Ennis’ The Boys on the small screen. Could The Boys, with all its crazy, gloriously gory, over the top, depraved sexual humor actually make it on the small screen? If there was a movie, that actually followed the comic, it would have to be rated NC-17.

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The Boys would have to be toned down quite a bit to make it on AMC or the like. In fact, unless it ends up on a premium cable channel like HBO it won’t be The Boys comic fans know. There were a couple of attempts to make a The Boys movie, Columbia Pictures optioned the comic back in 2008 and in 2010 Adam McKay was set to direct after a script rewrite. That all fell through when Columbia Pictures dropped the option in 2012. Paramount Pictures is reported to have picked up that option in 2013, hiring Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi to write the film. There’s been little scuttle butt about the production since then.

Boiled down, The Boys are a CIA Black Ops Team tasked with monitoring Super Heroes, but these super heroes aren’t your father’s red white and blue superheroes. These heroes are backed by corporations, drunk on celebrity, corrupt, over sexed, excessively violent, and uncaring of any damage they cause to those they are said to protect. Often The Boys find themselves putting down the most excessive of those so-called heroes, putting them deep down, at least what’s left of said heroes after The Boys get through with them.


One character, Wee Hughie, was modeled after actor Simon Pegg and every time an adaptation was talked about his name would always come up. Although Pegg is much older now than the character, I could see that small change made easily if Pegg could be persuaded to come on board. That would certainly get a huge group of Pegg fans on The Boys band wagon.

What do you think? Can Rogen pull this off on television?

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