In movie editing, like internet writing, mistakes are inevitable. You look at a scene so many times, and there are so many elements you’re trying to manage in your head, that you just can’t keep up with them all. Sometimes it’s a continuity error, sometimes it’s a shot you re-used, and sometimes one actor yells an another actor’s real name instead of her character’s. Star Wars fans with good ears have surely caught that at the end of the climactic Death Star fight where Luke returns to Yavin 4, sees Princess Leia, and jubilantly yells “Carrie!” Well, Mark Hamill says don’t believe your ears on that one.

The subject of Hamill’s flub, calling out the name of actress Carrie Fisher instead of the name of her character’s, Princess Leia, was brought up again in a recent Screen Rant video that counted it as one of 10 Outtakes that Made it the Big Screen. Someone then asked Hamill about it on Twitter, to which the actor replied…

Not sure if “There she is” makes a great deal more sense, unless all those rumors of Leia being the only woman in the Rebellion are true. Also, it was nice of Hamill to put the onus on the ADR team, who mysterious cut off the “is” in “There she is” for some reason. Sounds like someone’s strainin’ to do some explainin’, but at the same time there’s no reason to doubt Hamill’s sincerity. He may be right, these sorts of things depend on what you read into them, so if someone tells you he’s saying “Carrie,” that’s what you hear.

Still, a couple of curious questions remain. In all of George Lucas‘ tinkering, he’s never thought to go in and fix that ADR error. And really, no one in 40 years has ever publicly asked Hamill to clarify the situation?

Mark Hamill will return as Luke Skywalker this December in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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