TV RECAP: ‘The Muppets’ – S1E4 – “Pig Out ”


The Muppets is back again this week on another work-related adventure. Over the last four weeks the storyline has bounced around between the central Kermit-Piggy relationship, Fozzie Bear and some of the auxiliary characters; all the while splattering  a fistful of celebrity cameos just to take up space. In “Pig Out” we see the storyline focus in on The Muppets at work and at play.

A Pig Night Out

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We start off with a story that is as old as time. From the get go there has always been a divide between The Muppets who work the show including Kermit and their bosses or in this case, Miss Piggy. Kermit is always faced with in pleasing her whims every week, and this time it center around the attention/fun that her staff is having without her.  Piggy overhears her crew discussing heading over to Rowlf’s Tavern after work.  Miss Piggy, instantly takes offense over never being invited, even though  Kermit tries to explain to her that the whole reason they go is to vent about ‘the bosses’. Piggy won’t relent and so Kermit asks Pepe, Gonzo and Scooter to invite her, hoping that just the gesture itself will suffice. It does not. Piggy’s forces her way into the after-hours-get-together and at first is  boring the staff to death with talk of her fabulous lifestyle full of limo rides and arguments with landscape designers.

Things start to lighten up on the snooze-kaboos when The Hangover/The Office star Ed Helms shows up to the party started. Soon, everyone is wasted and  belting out karaoke classics. If you must take anything from this episode and just watch it all day every day, it is my dear felt friend the Swedish Chef busting out ‘Rapper’s Delight, seemingly plastered and in good spirits. On the other spectrum of this story is the unexpected crush/blossoming love that Sam (the Eagle) has for Janice. In last week’s episode we saw Janice & Nick Offerman get a bit physically charged for one another, this week we see her and Ed Helms in the same role. All the while, despite harboring a crush for the Electric Mayhem vixen, the bird behind standards and practices can’t find a way to connect, which leads to a heart-wrenching rendition of “Wind Beneath My Wings”.


Of course, while this night of drunken fun may have been fun for the staff it sure as heck isn’t a good thing for Kermit, who comes into work the next day to find his crew missing. He asks a  hungover Yolanda to get the staff into the office, only to find scatter-brains in his midst. . Scooter lost his glasses, Beaker and Bunsen switched outfits, and the Chef is mocking Kermit.

He can’t run a show with the crew constantly in a state of “Daze & Confusion”, so he must convince Miss Piggy to not hang out with them anymore. Kermit decides to use the “ego” card. It works….again. He convinces Piggy that she’s just too special to hang out with the crew as friends. Their rightful place is below her, serving her — not as her equal. Her ego wins out and all is right with the show, at least for now.

Fozzie Guns Loaded

The only thing more dangerous than Fozzie with a bag of  bad jokes is Fozzie handling a  T-shirt cannon. As the show’s warm up act, he  attempts to get the crowd going a little differently this week, by offering free swag items. Unfortunately, while attempting to fire off the t-shirt gun, he accidentally shoots  someone out of their chair and into the hospital — his long time heckler, Statler.

Of course the whole scene takes a bit of a turn to the macabre when “the Phantom of The Muppets Show” Uncle Deadly offers to cover things up. Now even though he works wardrobe, making sure Miss Piggy never knows her dress size, it should be no surprise that he knows how to “tie-up” loose ends. *winkwink*


When Statler is taken to the hospital, Fozzie wracked with guilt tries his damnedest to make up for his carelessness. He decides to do a laundry list of chores for Statler, and  returns to the hospital later on with a plethora of gifts only to find the old man gone.  In his place, a big sign that reads,’SUCKER!’ Fozzie’s fallen for a well laid out trick and  and Statler won’t let him live it down, that’s for sure.

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I feel like Fozzie (pictured above) as I’m once again caught in the vortex of love/hate for this show. I enjoy the attention that they pay to the characters in the limelight because I feel that is truly where the show shines. Some good points this week is that compared to the last three episodes of the show, it didn’t try to cram guest stars down my throat just to tune in. At the same token, a genuine moment for the characters was spear-headed by the only guest star for this week’s episode. Two-steps forwards and then one step back.

I’ve said it since the show has started, it seems rather odd to me that sooo much attention is paid to Fozzie Bear in these story lines. He was never one of the characters that could be able to carry a story on his own. If anything his involvement was better with the other auxiliary characters than on his own, and I don’t include Statler and Woldorf in that. The dynamic between that group is funny in small doses, but to dedicate a whole episode to it without some type of growth or new revelation felt as empty as the bed reveal this week.

Last week’s episode, while no where near perfect, allowed us to see different cast members in a refreshing light and the one thing that has reared its head every week with avengeance is the need to add this sexual tension with who The Muppets bring on as a guest. This week took some steps forward in the idea of really setting up the characters to take the main bulk of the story, compared to week’s prior. But at this point, the adult situations they are thrust into are getting as old as the storylines, which are ripped straight out of classic “office” comedies. Plus every week we see Miss Piggy complain about something, get appeased ( which causes a ripple effect of problems) only to have Kermit trick her into doing what he wanted all along. Yah! I can’t take it.

I give this week’s episode a C+.

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