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October 21st is quickly approaching, and that means Marty and the Doc should be showing up soon. It’s too bad when they get here they won’t find a 3-D ad for Jaws 19, but the whole Cubs winning the World Series might actually be a thing. They also won’t find self-lacing shoes, nor any flying cars. Okay, there’s a lot that’s different between our 2015 and the 2015 in Back to the Future II and the folks at College Humor have caught on. To commemorate that fact, they’ve put together a small animated short to poke some fun at the fact that we are no where near what their vision of the future was supposed to be.

The short is only about three minutes long, but it hits the nail right on the head. [Warning: The video contains some in appropriate language and hard truths.] Take a look for yourself:

It’s hard to believe that, we as a society, just got completely roasted in a little more than three minutes. It’s a great indication of how wrong we’re doing things. Three decades is a long time, and maybe we should have accomplished a lot more, but we didn’t and the video makes that well known.

Besides the obvious political and environmental issues, one of the best points the short hits upon is the current fashion trend. Let’s face it, Crocs are definitely a silly piece of footwear. The rest of the outfit is hilarious and spot on. From the pants with the wide sides to the overnight boom of flannel button-downs. Marty is even wearing a trucker hat. Didn’t those go out of a style a while ago?

The star of the show has to be the Ox Board. What happened to the hover board? Why couldn’t we have gotten hover boards? Instead, we get the Ox Board. What’s an Ox Board? You’ve probably seen it. It’s basically a law suit waiting to happen on wheels. It’s a Segway minus the handle or, as the Doc puts it, the Ox Board is “slightly faster than walking.”

Sadly, even bullying isn’t what it used to be.

“Marty: Ah, geez. Are you gonna bully me?

Griff: What?! Think McFly. If I was gonna bully you, I’d do it anonymously online, where I’d continuously encourage you to commit suicide and leak nude photos of you!”

Congratulations, College Humor. You’ve won over the internet today.

Source: Sploid

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