No that wasn’t a typo in the headline. Apparently, after failing to convince anyone that a new series of Die Hard movies with Jai Courtney as John McClane Jr. was something we needed to see with A Good Day to Die Hard, it seems that Twentieth Century Fox is taking a new tack: a prequel. I’d like to say “because you demanded it,” but let’s face facts, nobody asked for this. Still, it seems now that Hollywood is going to take us all the way back to the waining days of the 1970s to show us how John McClane became John McClane.

As revealedd by The Hollywood ReporterDie Hard: Year One is now officially a thing that’s in development. The film will be set in 1979, and it will supposedly show “how McClane became the rough and tumble cop that audiences know.” THR added that Bruce Willis is still going to be involved in some way, meaning that this may look like the “Young John McClane Chronicles” where in the modern day McClane played by Willis bookends a story involving his younger self. I don’t think that makes the idea better, but Bruce Willis gotta eat.

And what filmmaking auteur has stepped up to tell this bold and inventive story? None other than Len Wiseman, who has previous directed Live Free and Die Hard, and seems to have never had an original idea of his own in his entire life. Here’s the inspired artwork he tweeted out to announce Die Hard: Year One.

Now don’t take this is a typical screed about how remakes, reboots and prequels are ruining cinema. I mean they are, of course, but in this case it’s more a point undermining a key thematic and narrative point of Die Hard in that McClane is an everyman cop in over his head, and struggling to keep up and cope as the situation gets more out of hand. Isn’t that why the sequels have been a series of diminishing returns because McClane was becoming more Superman than everyman? I don’t expect Hollywood suits to think that through though. All they see are dollar signs.

So who will be pressed into service to play young McClane? May I suggest this guy:


Die Hard: Year One will hopefully never be in theaters anywhere.

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