We’ve all seen the kinda-sorta hoverboard prototype that Lexus created earlier this year – if for some reason you aren’t familiar, click here to get wise – but now, just a few short days in advance of Back to the Future Day (October 21, 2015, the “future” date that Doc Brown and Marty McFly travel to from their home time of 1985, for the record), we’re given a glimpse of an entrepreneuring Canadian who may be able to give us the real deal!

The Lexus version needs superconductors and a magnetic surface to ride on, plus it uses liquid nitrogen as a power source, so it’s not as commercially-accessible and widespread in its application as most folks would hope.  Montreal native Catalin Alexandru Duru, however, has created a legitimate prototype, albeit a tad bit bigger than the boards seen in Back to the Future II.  But the proof is in the pudding: Duru has officially broken the record for longest hoverboard flight, floating five meters (about 16 feet) above a lake for a distance of almost 276 meters (over 900 feet)!  The entire flight took about 90 seconds, and you can check it all out in the video below:

It’s essentially a drone that’s stable enough to hold the weight of a human being, but in all honesty, that’s exactly what the Back to the Future hoverboards were, when you think about it.  “You can fly it anywhere, over water, in the wild,” Duru said in an interview with the CBC.  He also warned that there is a steep learning curve since the pilot is flying the board him/herself: “the thing is still quite dangerous,” he intoned while unintentionally challenging macho thrill-seekers everywhere.

Duru said that he and a business partner have created a company, Omni Hoverboards, are currently working hard on a completely stable version of the device that they hope to be able to put into mass production for all consumers to enjoy.  No buttheads allowed, though.

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