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Citing “inside sources,” entertainment news website MoviePilot is claiming that Peter Capaldi will step down from his role of the Thirteenth Doctor in the long-running BBC television show Doctor Who at the conclusion of the 2016 season.

Recently, another online site, Private Eye, did cite their own sources in saying that there will be no full season of the show in 2016, but instead a series of extended-run specials in its place.  The website cited fellow BBC show Sherlock as part of the issue; with increased commitment to that show on the part of BBC and Steven Moffat, showrunner for both series, Doctor Who seems to be getting the short end of the stick.

Building on that “news,” MoviePilot is claiming to have “learned through private sources” that the 2016 season will be made up of three 75-minute specials with a fourth special airing on New Years Day 2017.  This fourth special is where the Doctor will supposedly regenerate into a new physical form, indicating the effective end of Capaldi in the title role.

Allegedly, the Doctor Who specials will begin airing in September 2016 and will revolve heavily around the Cybermen, including a story set in a dystopian future Japan.  There will also be a Halloween-specific episode, and the culminating special will be an “origin story” for the Cybermen, set on their homeworld of Mondas.

It’s definitely worth noting, of course, that MoviePilot does not name their sources for these rumors, leading to some skepticism.  They conclude their news story with this final mega-rumor:

There is currently no word on who will replace Capaldi, however our sources indicate that legendary actress Whoopi Goldberg is being eyed for the role.

via: MoviePilot

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