The Harry Potter Series: Voldemort’s Version


J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books have done more than just entertain us all these years; they’ve also set up the groundwork for us to keep the stories going long after the books are done. All of the characters, storylines, and majestic settings- prime materials for us to create our own version of things the way we would’ve liked to see them, or to empathize with other characters. Characters like, say, Voldemort.  On a quick personal note: I will freely admit that I did my fair share of Harry Potter fan fiction writing back in high school, but I never thought to venture into the mind of Voldemort. Someone has, though, and the results are quite hilarious!

Forget for a moment the titles of the Harry Potter books as you know them, and feast your eyes on the same series, as viewed from The Dark Lord’s perspective!

Voldemort+Point+of+View+01 Voldemort+Point+of+View+02 Voldemort+Point+of+View+03 Voldemort+Point+of+View+04 Voldemort+Point+of+View+05 Voldemort+Point+of+View+06 Voldemort+Point+of+View+07

Adding to the fun, over at Buzzfeed a while back they had an amazing Hermione-centric version of events, highlighting the female wizard’s struggles with feminism and gender inequality. Too good to miss!

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