It started with the Pink Ranger. Then we got the Red Ranger. Yesterday, the Black Ranger joined in. And now it’s time to introduce RJ Cyler who will be playing the Blue Ranger. Some of you may recognize Cyler who played Earl in the recent film Me And Earl And The Dying Girl. Beyond that film, Cyler, like the rest of the cast, is a relatively unknown actor. Thus meaning that the last ranger yet to be cast, the Yellow Ranger, will most likely continue the trend and be someone none of us know.

During the hit television show in the 90’s, the Blue Ranger was originally played by David Yost. When he wasn’t in superhero mode, the Blue Ranger mantle was taken upon by Billy Cranston. Billy was the nerdy member of the crew from Angel Grove. He was probably closest to Kimberly who was the Pink Ranger, but their relationship would never go beyond being friends. Kimberly would later go on to be with Tommy, but would eventually leave him due to her commitment to gymnastics (what?!).

billy yost blue ranger
There is no indication whether Cyler will portray the same character that was in the television show or if his name will even be Billy. According to early reports, this is supposed to be a modern re-imagining of the television show. The core concept remains, but little details we may have known from our youths are out the door.

The new Power Rangers movie has been scripted by Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller. These names should sound familiar as they have also help written the script for movies such as X-Men: First Class and Thor. That should give fans a good feeling as both films were big hits at the box office. The movie will also be directed by Dean Israelite. He’s best known for his work as the director for the movie Project Almanac. Power Rangers is set to start filming in Vancouver in 2016.

Check out Mighty Morphin Power Rangers due out in theaters on January 17, 2017.

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