‘Doctor Who’s K-9 Coming To The Big Screen


If I told you there was a Doctor Who movie in production one featuring K-9 might be in your top ten, but it wouldn’t be the first Doctor Who character that you’d expect to headline a feature film. Don’t get me wrong, K-9 has gone on from the original show to star in his own kids show, a few spin-off series and his eventual return in 2006 in Class Reunion and K-9 is a fan favorite and you can count me in that group. I just find it delightfully surprising to hear of co-creator Bob Baker‘s K9: Timequake announcement at the Doctor Who Appreciation Society Convention.Here’s the official Facebook page announcement:

HUGE thanks to the Doctor Who Appreciation Society for Saturdays ‘Back to the 80’s’ event in Manchester and for hosting…

Posted by K9 OFFICIAL PAGE on Monday, October 26, 2015

K-9 is one of those characters that wasn’t supposed to be more than a one shot in the original series in 1977, but ended up staying through the Baker years until 1981. What’s the new film about? K9: Timequake finds K-9 going up against Omega, the mad Time Lord. John Leeson will voice K-9 in the film, with a release date sometime in 2017.


What do you think? Can K-9 carry the water in a feature length film?

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