Fox‘s Gotham certainly hasn’t shied from bringing as many of Batman’s villains into the series as they can. One would almost consider it an overload of villains, but at least Gotham is not just throwing them at us full-bore, but rather developing those characters slowly over time as back ground bits. This time around Gotham has added Victor Fries or better known as Mr. Freeze to the ever-growing list of Gotham‘s Batman Villains. Who will be trying to put the freeze on Gotham? Hopefully without all those horrible Joel Schumacher puns…image.jpg

Nathan Darrow (House of Cards) pictured above will be playing the role of Victor Fries, a preeminent cryogenics engineer living and working in Gotham and most likely funded by Wayne Corp. I’m hoping we’ll also get to see Fries wife Nora, before she falls ill with a fatal degenerative disease. A good performance by which ever actress plays that role will go a long way to portraying the tragic love story and setting up Fries to become freeze.


As much fun as Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s Mr. Freeze was in that train wreck of a movie Batman & Robin, I’d rather see a more somber and serious Freeze. What about you?

Via: Deadline

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