The DC Villain That Debuted on ‘The Flash’


His father was Chondrakha: The God of all Sharks.  His mother was a human woman (It’s confusing for us too.)  He started out as a serial killer before making his first appearance in Superboy (Volume 4) #0, and then did a brief stint as Aquaman’s sidekick during Swords of Atlantis.  He’s been a member of The Secret Six and The Suicide Squad, and has generally just been being a badass since Karl Kesel created him.  He’s King Shark– the supervillain humanoid shark that made a cameo appearance in last night’s episode of The Flash.

You have to hand it to the CW for successfully keeping this surprise visit a surprise- a pretty hard feat to pull off nowadays!  We shouldn’t get used to seeing King Shark’s welcoming face, though, if this statement from producer Andrew Kreisberg is any indication:

“It was just fun for us. Obviously we can’t afford to do an entire King Shark episode so the idea was that he was one of Zoom’s minions and just the latest in the line. Which does mean that there is a King Shark on Earth-1.”

Well it was great while it lasted!  Here’s a video of the action that went down, followed by some close-up pics!

Source: ComicBookMovie

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