Word is making the Internet rounds that Wil Wheaton (STNG, Tabletop) has joined the cast of Playstation‘s Powers. You’ve probably seen talk about Powers online, but aside for the pilot episode one can find on Youtube, you, or one of your friends, has got to have a Playstation to watch the series. That has certainly limited the audience that Powers could have developed, but Sony is determined not to just give it away. There are ways though, read on to find out how you can watch Powers without owning a Playstation.


Wheaton posted the picture above and this statement about his casting on his blog:

Brian M. Bendis is one of my favorite comic writers, and Remi Aubuchon is one of my favorite TV writers, so when they offered me a role on Powers, I said yes.

All the specific details are locked down with an NDA, but I start work soon, and I’ll hopefully be able to share some things from the set once I settle in, like who is directing my first episode (someone I’ve been dying to work with for decades!)


Here’s the first episode:

So you’ve watched the first episode embeded above and want to see more. Trouble is you don’t own a Playstation and the one guy at work that does is an asshat you wouldn’t pee on if he was on fire. Here’s what you do.

Go to Playstation.com and sign up online for free. Once you’ve done that, just buy a one month subscription for $9.99 or better still, do the 14 day trail and watch all the Powers Season One episodes over that two-week period. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than buying the season for $17.99. Now how you’re gonna see Powers Season Two is another matter, but by then you could do the one month when the season is fully posted on the PlaystationStore.

Powers Season 2 will hit screens nowhere but the PlayStation Network in 2016.

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