The second day of shooting has begun on the Doctor Strange set in Nepal and along with it comes a slew of new on set pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch snapped by onlookers. Although the quality would be considered “mid range to crappy cell phone quality” these pictures do give us a feel for how Cumberbatch’s Steven Strange will look as he searches for a way to fix his surgically gifted hands.

The production is working under the title Eye See You, which could be a subtle, or not so subtle nod to The Eye of Agamotto. One of Doctor Strange’s more powerful talismans.


Another interesting side note. Cumberbatch has often worked with Sarah Shepherd, a dialect coach, who just so happens to be in Nepal at the same time as the Doctor Strange production., Coincidence, or will Cumberbatch be using an American accent for Doctor Strange? To tell you the truth, I’d rather he just went with a British accent anyways. Spell casting just sounds a lot more bad ass with that accent… and I would hate for his accent to be a detractor from his performance in the movie.

Might as well get right to it:










I’m looking forward to catching glimpses of the other characters in Doctor Strange and holding out hope that we’ll see Dormammu at some point.

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