Earlier this week The Walking Dead rumor mill was aflame with talk that actor Garret Dillahunt (Justified, Deadwood) had been cast as Negan in The Walking Dead. Where did the rumor start? Well, it started with Dillahunt tweeting an image of a  Walking Dead compendium, and of course the Internet took it from there.

Here’s the tweet that started this boulder rolling down hill:

That got fans attention fast. Dillahunt is a terrific actor and would be pretty damn good in the role, but there was no official word confirming this casting. Then some other things started to happen. TWD stars John Carroll Lynch (Eastman) and Alanna Masterson (Tara) started following Dillahunt on Twitter, then Scott M. Gimple, the man in charge of the whole shebang and TWD showrunner started following Dillahunt’s twitter as well. Many people were quick to point out that Gimple only follows around 300 people on Twitter and most of those are on or have been on the show. Dillahunt followed up with this tweet:

An obvious reference to Negan’s weapon of choice, the barbed wire wrapped baseball bat Lucille. Next Dillahunt tweeted this:

Perhaps an homage to this comic book panel? Feat-Negan Now we’re caught up to today where Dillahunt tweeted this pair of tweets:

Is it all a case of an actor lobbying for a role? If it is I wonder if this push might be too late. Scott Gimple isn’t going to wait until the last-minute to lock down an important role like Negan. Dillahunt does fit the profile of the level of acting talent and notoriety that a role like Negan on The Walking Dead would require. Dillahunt can bring the nasty to the screen and has proven it in Deadwood and Justified.

What I think this really is: Dillahunt wanted a seat at the table and a shot at Negan. I kinda think he might have accomplished just that. Now he has to convince the TWD powers that be the he is their Negan.

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