Video From The Nepal Set Of ‘Doctor Strange’


The first video footage from the Nepal set of Doctor Strange has made its way onto the Internet. courtesy of Dutourdumonde Photography. Director Scott Derrickson is there doing director type things, lots of pointing along with bearded star Benedict Cumberbatch walking and looking lost. Take a look.


Here’s the surprisingly clear video, usually the person shooting the video is half a block away on a building top or bridge, whoever is shooting this looks like they are just across the street.

Was that someone following the good Doctor? At about the 56 second mark there. I wonder who that might be. We haven’t seen any of the other stars in the movie yet. It could just be a stand in, but you can tell that person is there for a reason and that reason is Stephen Strange.

Now take  a look at the 1978 made for television Doctor Strange movie:

Oh how far we have come…


Via: Dutourdumonde Photography

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