Disney’s approach to the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens follows the path that they have taken with each and every Marvel movie: when it comes to pre-release footage and information, less is more.  So, it isn’t very surprising that audiences have very little information when it comes to the plot of the new film or its characters.  After the final trailer was released a couple of weeks back, fans were left wanting more, which writer/director J.J. Abrams, unfortunately, stated they would not get.  After all, that was the “final” trailer, so it makes sense that fans would not be getting any more footage.  However, as is often the case with Abrams, this statement was apparently just a lie, as a new international trailer for the film just dropped and it is chock full of new footage for eager fans to pore over.


It would be easy and, really, SOP here for us to tease the new footage a bit before getting you to the goods but, hey, this one is just too groovy to tease so, get to it!

“I don’t have time to watch the new trailer, so just give me the Cliffs notes,” said no one ever, but for those that are actually wondering if the new trailer has actual new footage, here are some of the new scenes and some new information revealed in the trailer:

Rey meeting BB-8 (Has it occurred to anyone that BB-8 will be this generation’s R2-D2?  Pretty awesome stuff!):


Apparently, Rey is waiting on her family and from the sound of it, she’s been waiting for quite some time.

The Flametroopers (not sure that this is the official name but it’ll work for now!) are every bit as badass as they should be.  Then again, after what they did to Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, this was expected.


Sure, we’ve seen them before, but that flamethrower just doesn’t stop being awesome.

Kylo Ren actually does use that new lightsaber in battle.


Rey and Finn meeting for the first time is another cool moment in the trailer and one that cannot be fully appreciated with a screen cap, so we will just leave that one alone.

C-3PO with his red arm, in a room with (Princess?) Leia and Poe.


Chewie has a bomb and is ready to use it, which means shit must be getting real.


Kylo Ren and Rey don’t seem to be friends.


And, according to a Leia voiceover, “Hope is not lost today…it is found. “  Perhaps they find a new hope? (snicker, snicker)

At this point, audiences have about 5 minutes of footage, spread throughout a few trailers and teasers, and this new trailer seems to offer more information than previously seen/known.  Still, there is very little to do with the new information other than speculate, which the entire world has been doing ever since Disney announced the continuation of the Star Wars Saga.  As you no doubt noticed, Luke is still absent from the footage, which will initiate even more speculation on the character, who has become almost mythical at this point.  Is Skywalker hiding out, Yoda style, just waiting to return from the shadows? Has Luke joined the Dark Side and become a Sith Lord, commanding the Knights of Ren?  Is he just in a cave somewhere, trolling bad guys on Facebook?  The world will know the answer to these questions, and many, many more, when the film takes over the box office on December 18 (or, December 16, if you are one of the lucky ones across the pond).

What do you think of the new footage?  What is your best Luke Skywalker theory?

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