Fans Petition To Save ‘Constantine’ (Again)

After making a guest appearance on last week’s episode of Arrow, fans have started a petition to bring the Constantine series back to life. The petition was created four days ago, and as of 8:38PM EST tonight, it had 12,084 supporters. The petition is currently targeting the following networks: El Rey Network, The CW, Netflix, Yahoo Screen, and the USA network.

Constantine originally aired on NBC in October 2014. Even though the series was cut short, the show continues to find a huge support base. At one point, there were rumors that the show would be picked up by NBC’s sister station, Syfy, but that obviously didn’t work out. Here’s exactly what the petition is asking for,

“The dark supernatural TV series Constantine originally aired on NBC for one 13 episode season only to be cancelled. This left a very strong and avid fanbase without any network for their show to call home. Constantine needs to be saved by another network to give the fans closure. This situation would be a win for both sides. The network to pick it up will receive a boost in ratings and revenue while the fans will be able to see their beloved show live once more. On November 4th, 2015, it was proved that the Constantine fanbase is still very much alive as evidenced by the reception to the character’s appearance on the 5 episode of Arrow’s fourth season. We encourage you to sign this petition to show the various networks available to pick this show up that there is in fact interest for the show to live on. The networks we will be targeting are El Rey Network, The CW, Netflix, Yahoo Screen, and the USA network.”

In last week’s episode of Arrow, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) called up his good friend, John Constantine (Matt Ryan) to help out with a little problem he was having at home. With the help of flashbacks, we found out that Constantine and Oliver’s friendship goes back many years to when Oliver was still “trapped” on Lian Yu. It turns out, Constantine had found his way to the island in search of a spellbook. And with the help of Oliver was able to avoid capture and retrieve the book. Thus owing Oliver a favor later down the road, which Oliver cashed in to regain the soul of Sara Lance.

According to reports, the guest appearance boosted Arrow 11% in a key demo for the show. Hopefully this bump will show someone that Constantine means business and still means something to many people out there.

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