TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ – S6E5 – “Now”

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Two episodes ago, seems so long ago now,  we were left with the lingering thought: Is Glenn dead or alive? Last week’s  The Walking Dead didn’t answer that question, but instead left viewers deflated as they went in a different direction with the story. The episode focused solely on Morgan and his character’s growth that took place between Season 3 (Georgia) to his current Season (6) appearance. While many may have complained, it is clear that how his character changed between season’s was something that fans were curious about, but I’m sure would’ve preferred to discover at another time.

This week though, we return to the present situation at hand, which brings us back to “What the HELL happened to Glenn?”…sort of. Honestly, we are going back to Alexandria to see how everyone is dealing with the current threat at hand, which is a bunch of zombies and “The Wolves”.  So let’s get into that, remember this is SPOILER HEAVY so don’t enter if you can’t handle all this Zombie stuff enter at your own risk.

Deanna Gets Her Groove Back 

The episode starts off with a doe-eyed gaze of Deanna. This woman, who was the calm den-mother of the Alexandrians, has now turn into a zombie of sorts herself. In a short span of time, she’s managed to lose both her son Aiden and her husband Reg. As she surveys her battle-torn community after the skirmish between the Wolves and Alexandrians, we feel the weight of these deaths as bodies of both Wolves and Alexandrians are dragged off the street.


She is pulled from her zoned out state by Rick  screaming, “Open the gate!” as he barrels toward Alexandria with a horde of walkers on his trails. He somehow managed to escape that RV and run all the way home ahead of the horde, but now the walkers are closing in on him. Michonne and Maggie just barely pull him inside before the mass of walkers reaches the gates. The surviving Alexandrians are buckling under the pressure of new rules and strategies that will protect them and allow them to survive, it turns on their fight-or-flight mode. They make a run towards, panicking  as all the while the pantry keeper Olivia tries patiently  to explain that the soups and sauces can be stretched out with water (or maybe one of Carol’s fancy casseroles), the spoiled survivors feel that it isn’t enough food to survive on.

Olivia turns to “Zom-Deanna” for help, but she’s absolutely no help. They overrun the pantry. This is when Deanna’s son Spencer steps up and shakes some sense into the townsfolk telling them that the food stores are for everyone, and they need to make it last in order to survive. It gets through to them, and they return the canned goods back to the shelves. Deanna looks at her son with admiration and we finally see a spark of life in her that was vacant this entire episode.

She goes back home to reflect on expanding the community and continuing her husbands dream. It seems like we have Deanna back, but the sound of breaking glass snaps her out of a false reverie. She rushes to the kitchen to find that the source of the sound is none other than her son Spencer drunk off of booze he stole from the pantry. After his high and mighty speech about conserving resources for the good of the community, she feels betrayed by his actions not matching his words. Of course, her son twists the knife by blaming her for the towns misfortune.

“You’re the reason we’re so screwed!” he yells. “We were never safe here. You just wanted to dream. What happened to dad, to Aiden, that’s all you.”


After this bitter pill conversation, she deals with a killing a left over zombie with a broken bottle and Rick assists with the head shank. This is when she finally turns to Rick and asks for him to takeover in getting the people of Alexandria ready for what is “out there”. By the end of the episode, Deanna walks up to the front gate where the walkers are banging against the fence, and she punches the fence back, showing that she’s ready to fight back. As she walks away, we see blood dripping through from the zombies outside.

Maggie Comes To Terms 

Meanwhile, Alexandrians have crafted a memorial on one of the walls by painting the names of the men and women who have died which includes: Aiden, Nicholas and Glenn’s names towards the bottom.

Maggie sees this and slips off towards the armory to get gear and go out in search of Glenn and what’s really happened to him. Aaron sees her sneaking off and catches her in the midst of loading her guns and stocking up on flashlights and rope. He tries to dissuade her from going, but being in a committed, loving relationship himself, he empathizes with how Maggie is reacting. So instead of talking her out of it, he decides to go along with her revealing a secret way out through an old sewer system.


They slip underground and one of the grossest/decomposed zombies ever seen- dubbed the sludge zombie-jumps for Maggie and Aaron from under a rotted away ladder. Of course another zombie in hiding goes for Maggie, while the ladder zombie is crawling its way towards Aaron who banged up his head. Aaoron manages to save both himself and Maggie, but she is trying to send him home again after seeing that he’s cut his head pretty badly and needs stitches. He insists that he can’t stand to see any more names go up on that wall.

They get to the tunnel exit only to realize they’re still too close to the horde outside to be able to slip out. Aaron offers to go without her to find Glenn, but she starts screaming, which brings the walkers towards their exit. This is when she reveals : She’s pregnant!

It is one of the reasons, she explains, that she let Glenn convince her to stay behind and it is wracking her with guilt. “If I would have gone, maybe if I was with him, I coulda helped him,” As those words echo in that little tunnel, it dawns on us that she is admitting her lack of faith in him being alive and that she may never know what was his fate.“I don’t get to know what happened, why it happened, what I did right or wrong. Not now,” she sighs. “I have to live with that. You do, too.”

And the two of them embrace with moaning walkers behind them, the light reflecting off the engagement ring that Glenn gave Maggie. When they get back to Alexandria, no one noticing they’ve been gone this whole time, Maggie and Aaron go to the fence and wipe Glenn and Nick’s names off the wall. They want to believe they’re alive.

I can understand entirely where this episode feels like a filler of sorts to the overall plot, and I have to say that the last couple episodes having us jumping around between “present” and “past” events made it hard to sync myself back into the moment.  I love the layers that are being presented in these episodes for the Alexandria townsfolk, every time we’ve run into a new group that Rick and the gang encounter they either adapt or die. It happens over and over again, but in this situation we are seeing those in Alexandria-who’ve been sheltered and coddled- having the bubble of  fantasy burst and having to quickly deal with the reality of how dangerous life has truly become.  I will say that the characters that have been highlighted from Alexandria will probably survive into the mid-season, but my prediction is that after that it’ll be hard to say what will happen. We keep hearing that the intensity level is going to get raised on this season and while it seems a bit far-fetched it could get any worse…..we did experience the Glenn situation and are still unable to process it.

So what did you think about this week’s episode? Are you excited to see what the rest of the crew is dealing with that isn’t in Alexandria? Also…where is Carol? Check out all this and more on this sneak peek for the next episode of “The Walking Dead”.

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