The second trailer for Netflix‘s Jessica Jones series has hit the Internet and it will only make you want more. Krysten Ritter looks and sounds magnificent as the title character Jessica Jones, and David Tennant shows why the Purple Man is much more dangerous than he appears on the surface. There’s only ten more days until Netflix dumps the entire series onto its platform and thankfully, I have Fallout 4 to distract me, without it, those ten days wouldn’t be pretty. I am Jonesin’ for hard for some Jessica Jones.

Let’s jump right to it:

Well, that certainly sets the stage for the series in a way that people who haven’t read Brian Michael BendisAlias comic book miniseries on which the Netflix show is based. I’ll say this, anyone who doubted that evil could be so… evil, will change their minds after watching David Tennant bring that evil to the small screen in the form of the Purple Man. That scene in the police station…


That is the essence of how the Purple Man gets things to go his way. I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

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