Pixar, the company that opens the Pandora’s box of everyone’s emotions, is kicking it into high gear with some amazing releases from now until 2019. But while many may have their eyes set on their release for this year, The Good Dinosaur, Pixar has dropped a big ol’ juicy teaser from ‘Finding Dory’ the anticipated sequel for Pixar’s 2003 hit ‘Finding Nemo’.

That nostalgia meter is going off the charts just watching this little nugget of goodness! While I may have been hesitant, which I always am with sequels of good cinema, I am liking the direction that they are planning to take with Dory in the upcoming sequel.

Released in May 2003,  Finding Nemo grossed over $878 million  worldwide and won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2004. Talks of a sequel first came to light in 2012, which had many fans hesitant on how they would move the story and its characters further in a way that wasn’t forced.


The sequel’s overall plot is set to focus on Dory  whose memory leads her on a journey to uncover her past. It has been released that events in the film will jog her to remember being born and raised at a marine life institute before being released into the ocean.  This will urge Dory to set off to find her family.

Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks  are reprising their roles as Dory and Nemo, along with the addition of  Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy lend their voices to Dory’s parents, Jenny and Charlie. Other stars to lend their voices to the upcoming sequel includes: Idris Elba, Dominic West, Ty Burrell, Ed O’Neill and Willem Dafoe.

Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton has returned to direct the sequel, along with getting credit for writing the script for it as well. Finding Dory is set for release on July 29, 2016.

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