Next week’s edition of pop-culture magazine Entertainment Weekly is a double-sized issue dedicated to full-on coverage of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Instead of making you slog through the entire magazine or even be forced to buy a subscription if you don’t have one already, we’ve rounded up a few of the juiciest tidbits for your reading pleasure right here.  Please note that the cast and crew are obviously not going to give anything major away to a magazine interview, but there is some info in this post that could be considered spolier-ish depending on your point of view or how in-depth your prior knowledge of the Star Wars universe is.  So consider yourself duly warned, and read on if you dare!



Rey and her life on Jakku

Of the above picture, production designer Darren Gilford says: “It’s a beat-up tractor that’s a hand-me-down or scavenged item.  It was meant to look like a piece of farm equipment, something that’s not going real fast.  But it has high-end torque like a tractor that needs to haul a trailer.”  The article also mentions that Rey was abandoned on Jakku by her family when she was a young child, but she doesn’t know why.  “She’s been alone for a long time,” Daisy Ridley says about her character.  “When something occurs when you’re 5, you know what went on but you don’t understand the reasoning.”



Han Solo is older and likely wiser – but still probably a smart-ass

Even though he’s long championed the idea of killing off his character, Harrison Ford is now grateful, obviously, that no one decided to make that idea a reality.  “I was glad that the character was still alive for me to play in this new iteration,” he says.  “He’s been living with me,” Ford says of his space-smuggler alter-ego, “Out back, in the shack.”  One a more serious note, he elaborates further on Han: “He was always the cynical member of the original characters.  While we were invited to engage on the questions of some pretty arcane mysteries — the Force and the mythology that surrounds it — he was the guy who said, ‘What? Huh? Come on.’  There was a callow youth, a beautiful princess, a wise old ­warrior, and there was a smart-ass.”



Finn and Poe Dameron go way back – and they weren’t always buddies

In the newest trailer, we see a clear scene of John Boyega’s Stormtrooper-deserter Finn and Oscar Isaac’s X-Wing pilot Poe Dameron as comrades in the “Rebel” forces.  As you can see from the image above, however, BFFs they aren’t.  Although the details of their relationship are still unclear, it’s safe to say that Poe has spent some time as a prisoner of the First Order; perhaps it was spending time with Poe that finally convinces Finn that being a part of the Empire ain’t all it’s cracked up to be?



Finn doesn’t face off against Kylo Ren alone

This one is pretty telling – Rey is present when Kylo and Finn get their lightsaber on.  Another prominent shot from the newest trailer shows us Rey crying over someone’s body… someone that appears to be wearing a brown jacket… with a background that looks suspiciously similar to this scene… and odds are good she wouldn’t spill too many tears over a downed Kylo Ren…



Leia’s had a rough go of it – and she ain’t no Princess no more

According to the article, “we’re going to meet a Leia who is a little more battle weary, a little more broken hearted. Imagine fighting for a cause your whole life and the frustration that naturally comes from being called to fight some more.”  The article also confirms that Leia goes by the title of “General” now, not “Princess.”  This seems like a logical move, of course – it’s now been several decades since Alderaan was destroyed, and since that’s where her title came from there’s really no need to employ it anymore.  Plus, Disney is just not ready to expand their “Princess Line” just yet.



Captain Phasma is Gwendoline Christie – literally

Originally, the chrome-plated Stormtrooper armor was designed to be the one of the physical appearances for Kylo Ren, but then director JJ Abrams was struck with inspiration to create a new character.  Says Abrams, “I just thought it would be really cool if we could find someone to play the part who was female, and I’m a fan of Game of Thrones; Gwendoline is in that show, [The Force Awakens casting director] Nina Gold casts it, she knew Gwendoline, obviously.  We were very lucky to get to have her in the movie. She’s not in many scenes, but her presence is powerfully felt when she’s there.”


Source: Entertainment Weekly

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