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Once upon a time, Disney announced that they would be taking over the sacred Star Wars franchise, and the announcement was met with a bit of trepidation.  Not a lot, mind you, after all, Disney has already shown the world what Marvel Studios can do with all of that Mouse Money backing them, but some.  Not necessarily because of the Mouse House, per se, but because the beloved franchise had already been tainted by three less-than-amazing prequels and any further tampering could compromise the integrity of the entire story, laying to waste the foundation of geekdom across the globe.  The announcement that the next film in the series would continue the story featuring the characters fans last saw in Return of the Jedi, on the other hand, was met with cheers.  As more footage surfaces, those cheers grow louder and thanks to a tv spot aired on ABC last night, this morning, Star Wars fans have plenty more to cheer.


After making the announcement that the Star Wars Saga would continue with Episodes VII-IX, fans suddenly became very interested in just what Disney was preparing to do with the newly acquired property, especially once it was announced that the Star Wars Expanded Universe no longer existed in canon.  Most Star Wars fans felt that they knew exactly where the story was going until that moment and this twist was something rather unexpected.  Of course, as Disney does, they have done their best to keep most of the story and character relationships under wraps but as the December 18 release date approaches, the footage is coming at fans faster and faster, leading to the inevitable Christmas shopping spree that will net Disney millions in Star Wars merchandise.  This latest footage continues that trend and if you don’t know a kid (or an adult, for that matter) that wants a lightsabre by now, this should do the trick.  Take a look.

As with the previously released footage, not much is revealed here but, of course, there is plenty to speculate on.  For instance, is Han Solo handing Rey a blaster as a concerned friend or, perhaps, as a concerned father who knows his daughter can protect herself?  Why is BB-8 continuing to follow Rey, even when faced with great danger?  What kind of serious stuff is being plotted in this scene?


Something super serious, that’s for sure.

Writer/director J.J. Abrams may not be everyone’s cup of tea but based on everything that has been revealed about the film, from character interactions, to footage, to the use of mostly practical effects over CGI, Star Wars fans should have the confidence to believe that The Force Awakens is exactly the Star Wars film that they have been waiting for their entire lives.  After the prequels, though, a bit of hesitation can be forgiven.  If you fall into this latter group, just remember, BB-8 is an actual, functioning practical effect and if that doesn’t get you excited, well, nothing will.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens opens across the country on December 18.  If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, make sure to get them while they are hot, as many, many screenings have already sold out.

Have you bought your tickets yet?  What are you most excited to see in the new movie?

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