To be filed under things nobody ever wanted/people actively wished wouldn’t happen: a new Tomb Raider film is, in fact, on its way to the big screen.

As many will recall, this will be Lara Croft’s first cinematic outing since Angelina Jolie stumbled her way through 2001’s Tomb Raider and its almost-so-bad-it’s-good sequel, Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. Ironic how a motion picture with the word ‘life’ in the title was the unintended death of a budding franchise!

As SlashFilm reports, the series’ reboot has landed itself a director in Norwegian native Roar Uthaug who, pedigree notwithstanding, has a suitably badass first name. However, this will be his English-language debut which tends to be quite the hit-or-miss endeavor for directors.

The film has also snagged Hollywood Black List veteran Geneva Robertson-Dworet which lends some hope that this iteration just might have a plot that makes an iota of sense (although she is also currently lending her writing talents to the upcoming Transformers 5, so that’s a thing).

Since Lara’s last movie misfire in 2003, various studios have been sporadically trying to revive the notion of a Tomb Raider film. GK Films snatched up the rights in 2011 and was joined a couple years thereafter by MGM. Earlier this year, Warner Brothers decided that they wanted in as well, and with a director and screenwriter in place, it looks like the movie is all but inevitable.

One piece of information offers a semblance of hope though: it appears that the film won’t stray too far from the foundation laid by Crystal Dynamics’ well-received 2013 video game reboot in that it will feature a young Lara on her very first adventure. If the movie can capture some of the grit, loneliness, and desperation of the game, it could be, at the very least, worth a drunken Redbox rental.

Here’s hoping the production team opts more for survivalist and less for nonsensical action adventure featuring a woman in a bodysuit so tight it appears that she’s struggling to breathe, much less act – sorry Angelina, you’ve had that one coming for years.

But hey, at least Uwe Boll didn’t get his hands on this one! R.I.P. Bloodrayne. You never stood a chance.

What do you think? Should Tomb Raider be rebirthed, or left to rot in its Cradle of Life? Let us know in the comments!

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