Somebody on set last Friday, most likely a visitor and not crew, sneakily captured what might be the first footage of Jeffery Dean Morgan as Negan on AMC‘s The Walking Dead. The quality is obviously bad and that might lead one to think it’s a clever fake, but if it is then it’s very clever because of what we can make out. Take a look if you don’t care about spoilers and such.Last Spoiler Warning…. after this next image there’s the video… proceed at your own spoiler risk.


I zoomed in into the leaked Negan video and you can see it better in this vid , he’s smashing someones head in its either glenn or daryl!

Posted by Fran Jesih on Tuesday, 17 November 2015


That leather jacket is hard to miss and while everyone is saying this is the very spoilery scene from the comics where Glenn meets his comic book fate, I don’t think this is actually it. We never see who is actually on the receiving end of that mighty swing that Negan makes with Lucille. A lot of people are saying it is Glenn and just as many think it is Daryl. I think it is just some random person that Negan is angry with. This scene is just an introduction to Negan’s craziness for television viewers.

Of course The Walking Dead producers will not reveal who it is that took that swing, that will be the “Holy Hell Who Did He Just Kill Episode Ending” that will have fans burning up the Internet with comments and speculation.

It is worth mentioning that AMC went after this video when it was posted on YouTube and had it taken down…

What do you think?

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