Last month we told you about Geek Fuel – the best geek subscription box around. Truly, we’ve seen every Geek Box subscription service there is (Loot Crate, Power Up Box, Marvel Collector Corps, etc.) and Geek Fuel beat them all. They offer the best items and exclusive add-ons that make getting a box of mystery items as fun and satisfying as it should be.

Last month they killed it, with items such as the Admiral Ackbar “It’s a Nap!” pillow case, Pop Vinyl Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy, Halo Guardianade Energy Drink, and spiffy Back to the Future goodies. I thought that it was just perhaps a good month, a once-in-a-blue-moon type deal (geek boxes are generally always disappointing), but they’ve done it again! Their November Box – out now – is full of awesome.

For those who are unaware, the premise behind Geek Subscription services is this: once a month, you receive a box of items consisting of a mixed bag (or box, in this case) of toys, collectibles, comics, and a t-shirt. The novelty of it is that you don’t know what you’re gonna get until you get it – unless someone like us spoils it for you.

So what’s in the box? Let’s have a look.



Pac-Man Salt and Pepper Shakers

These ceramic salt and pepper shakers of ghosts Blinky and Clyde will have you reliving the glory days of Pac-Man Fever… while you season your food. Good for at home or at work, or just leave them on your shelf as static display pieces. Next time you get a Pac-Man pizza (when you take one slice out of the box…you’re left with a Pac-Man pizza… get it?), you’ll know what to do.



Ghostbusters Playing Cards

You don’t have time to be afraid of no ghosts – at least not when you’re playing various card games with these Ghostbusters playing cards. And yes, it’s the original Ghostbusters. No Paul Feig Ghostbusters reboot in this deck.


Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 10.49.26 PM

Hunger Games Mockingjay Sticker

In case you forgot, the final installment of the Hunger Games franchise hits theaters November 20th with Mockingjay Part 2. Here’s a handy sticker to slap on your car and ride out the last of the cinematic Hunger Games fandom.



Defense Grid 2 Downloadable Game

Admittedly, I did not download this, nor am I familiar with the title. I hear that first Defense Grid was widely successful, and this sequel raises its own bar.  From the buzz it’s been getting online, it certainly does sound like a game very much checking out. It introduces new worlds and threatens to test your tower-placement strategies. With a bold new look, a compelling single-player campaign, and the addition of new game modes (online player-versus-player and multi-player co-op), every play-through brings fun and new opportunities and challenges.


Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 10.57.57 PM

How Games Are Made (Mini Book)

Go behind-the-scenes of the of the making of Defense Grid 2 and learn the troubles and triumphs of what it actually means to make a game. I didn’t think I’d ever care enough to read about a game I had never played before, but this was truly a fascinating read. It sheds a very personal and inside look at many aspects of games that the marketplace rarely gets to see or appreciate.


Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 9.38.32 PM

Assemble the Resistance T-Shirt

This month’s exclusive shirt features Star Wars! Depicting the beginning of a model for you to build your own Resistance Fighter!


Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 10.40.49 PM

Fall Out 4 – War Never Changes Propaganda Poster

Unless you’ve actually been living in a fallout shelter these last few days, Fallout 4 has hit the gaming market like an A-Bomb. If you’re a gamer, it’s pretty much the only thing anyone is doing or talking about these days.


Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 10.55.15 PM

Fall Out Vault-Tec Security Key Card

Keeping up with the Fallout 4 theme, we also get this official-looking Vault-Tec Security tag. It’s more than just a keepsake, though: it is actually a nifty, interactive entry to a Fall Out Game Bundle:


Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 11.44.15 PM

Fallout Vault Giveway: enter to win some serious swag! A Playstation 4, a copy of FallOut 4 for PS4, the Fallout Anthology (PC), a Brotherhood of Steel Messenger Bag, a Fallout 4 Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide Collectors Edition, and a Prima Official Game Guide. You simply enter your badge credentials on their giveaway site, and if you have clearance… you win!





Mark that as 8 (yay, I can count!) items stuffed in just one box. Just in case you need a checklist of it’s contents, GeekFuel provides a handy double sided postcard depicting this month’s score.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 9.47.33 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 10.09.33 PM

Technically, there are 9 items in the box. 9, if you count the Geek Fuel Magazine. It features all sort of cool articles, commentary, spotlights, gift guides, and acknowledgements. Even your friendly neighborhood NerdBastards got a featured write up! Words from me, Luke Gallagher, can be read about our origin and mission statement.

Obviously, having been featured in Geek Fuel’s magazine, anything good we say is going to come off sounding a little biased. I can assure you, though, Geek Fuel did not “buy us off” with that spread. If this box sucked, we would have told you. And maybe you think it does; with geek subscription services like this, there is no satisfying every person. I, for one, think they offer the most items of any geek subscription box – they are sure to include items themed around popular releases/events, and then some.  And they aim to make it fun and interactive. The last 2 months have featured an item themed around a contest, and if you don’t win, at least you got a little keepsake. Plus the games they include (always 1 free Steam download in each box) and the Geek Magazine make for enjoyment to be had well past unveiling the treasures of the box. The novelty doesn’t end when the box is opened, it’s just the beginning.

For $23.90 a month ($17.90 for the box and $6 for shipping) you are guaranteed $50 worth in every box, with an exclusive t-shirt, games, and collectibles. Sure, you could spend that money on a DVD/BluRay that you’re never gonna watch more than once,  or you can treat your geeky self to a big box of awesome. Do yourself a favor and have a little fun, ’cause you will. You are guaranteed to smile.

If you want to get more info on this subscription service, hit up They also give away a free box each month as well – there is always a contest live at Oh, and anyone that signs up via any of the links in this article will receive a free bonus item. What is it? I dunno. Remember, the mystery is what makes it fun!

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