When we last left Alice and friends at the end of Resident Evil: Retribution, they were brought before Wesker at the White House in order to make one last stand in the name of humanity. From there, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will begin, but the more compelling question is, where will it end? It would be insane to think that everything would end happily ever after, but it’s at least possible that some of the characters will survive till the bitter end. Might Alice be one of them? Might the following picture released on social media be a clue as to the fate of everyone’s favorite zombie fighter not named Daryl Dixon?

Courtesy of the Instagram page of Alice’s portrayer Milla Jovovich:


Interesting, huh? Now you may be thinking “Spoiler alert!” because that photo basically implies that Alice makes it through to the end and grows to a ripe old age, but not so fast. According to the accompanying message from Jovovich, this is not an image from the end of the movie and/or series.

“Thank you to @christinaslashes, @andreartista and @kerry_skelton, who worked for over 4 hours at 5 am this morning to create ‘Old Alice’ for our scenes today. I will post more pics of the process later! Plus a sexy selfie (not for the weak of heart! BTW, for all those who think this look is for the end of the movie, it’s not!”

I suppose it’s likely that this could be another defunct Alice clone, or maybe this is a flash-forward or a dream sequence. Whatever Alice’s fate, you will still have to wait for over a year to see it. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will be in theaters everywhere on January 27, 2017.

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