Arsenal Set To Return in ‘Arrow’ Season 4


The Green Arrow’s buddy is coming back, folks! That’s right, it’s been rumored, but we are indeed headed for the return of Arsenal.

In the interim since his last appearance, the DC TV universe has started to swell the ranks with the likes of the excellent Supergirl, not to mention a really juicy crossover event between Arrow and the Flash (with appearances by Hawkman and Hawkgirl). We don’t know about you, but we’re so excited for the pre-Justice League crossover that we’re almost ready to break our Super Powers action figures back out and make Superman needlessly destroy tons of shit and have Batman yell at him for destroying said shit.

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Colton Haynes confirmed today via his twitter account that he is in fact returning to the role of Arsenal:


Naturally, not many details (actually, none) were revealed detailing his return, but the rumors are just beginning to swirl. We’re curious how the ramifications of his *SPOILERS* whole faking his death thing *SPOILERS OVER* is going to play out upon his return to Star City.

Plus, there’s the whole Thea having the suit, plus the Lazarus Pit fiasco…it’s a lot to take in. Producer Marc Guggenheim had warm words for Haynes’ return:
“We are beyond thrilled that Colton will be returning to Arrow this season. It was always our intention to have him return following his departure last season, but it was a matter of finding the right story line to pull it off. That opportunity presented itself in episode 412 and we can’t wait for the fans to see this reunion.”
As  all involved were mum on details, we can only speculate. But we’re keeping our fingers crossed for more trick arrows. Come on, Fake Cat Arrow…

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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