The internet has been a firestorm of curse words and chimichangas ever since it was announced that Ryan Reynolds would officially don the red-and-black of Marvel’s kookiest superhero, Deadpool, in feature-film form.  Reynolds has been relishing in every opportunity he has given to talk directly to the cameras in promos and give us glimpses of The Merc with the Mouth, and we’ve recently been blessed with a brand-new clip.  In a hilarious new video, Reynolds announces his appearance at the Sao Paulo Comic Con, where 20th Century Fox will be hosting a panel on Friday, December 4th.

Ever since the first trailer was released in July and delivered on the promises made by the original leaked visual effects test footage that took the internet by storm, fans have been clamoring for any additional footage they can get their hands on ahead of the film’s February 12th, 2016 release date. The video released today, originally posted on Comic Book Resources, gives us the best idea yet of when our greedy hands may be filled. The video features Reynolds, fully-costumed, addressing the camera directly in Deadpool’s signature, fourth-wall-smashing style. He announces his presence at the Sao Paulo Comic Con in an expletive-laden mangling of the Portuguese language, topped off with a loving jab or two at the Comic Con crowd. It’s great – check it out:

While there has been no confirmation that the new Deadpool trailer will premiere at the Sao Paulo Comic Con, the possibility is a strong one; it does fit with statements producer Simon Kinberg made to Collider earlier this month. In the interview, Kinberg said that we should expect a new trailer in December, while in the same breath mentioning that we should expect to see new footage from Reynolds on the internet in the very near future. Now that we have the new footage (and especially considering the content of that footage), there’s a very good chance that we’ll get the new Deadpool trailer at the SPCC panel.

So, if you want to be among the first to see the new Deadpool trailer, all you have to do is rid yourself of any obligations you might have in the next week and a half and get yourself a plane ticket to Brazil. Or you could just wait for it to hit the internet. That might be a little less expensive and life-shattering. Your call.  Regardless, we’ll let you know as soon it finds its way online, of course!

What did you think of the video? Are you even more pumped for Deadpool now?

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