Fox, obviously hoping to quietly put the whole summer blockbuster boondoggle that was Josh Trank‘s Fantastic Four behind them, removed the planned 2017 sequel from their upcoming schedule. You might expect that would be it, but we’re not going to let them get away with it. At least not quietly.josh-trank-ff-tweet

You might remember this tweet that Josh Trank posted and then quickly deleted. At the time, I figured it was sour grapes from a director that lost control of his movie, a director surrounded by rumor of on set and off set issues during production that eventually lead to his losing a directing job on a Star Wars Spin-off. Now that I look back, I’m starting to think the blame, of which everyone involved has a part, sits squarely on Fox’s shoulders.


Just look at the two hairstyles of Kate Mara. The horrible wig (Mara had cut her hair for another movie in production at the time) on the left that was used when Fox ordered reshoots on the movie’s ending is a glaring example of how things went right off the track. When you take a look at the reviews for Fantastic Four, many site that the first half of the movie is interesting, but then things just go South. That’s was the Josh Trank part of the movie. After that Fox basically took over, adding the big fight scene that they believed every superhero movie needs and what ended up looking clumsy and forced.

Removing the sequel is a move everyone expected despite Fox’s comments on their commitment to the characters. Just looking at the finished product it was hard to imagine Fox dumping more money into what in Hollywood terms turned out to be a money pit of a movie. ($167 million world-wide on a $120 million dollar budget, $56 million domestically.) Fox won’t return to this franchise until the character rights force them to make another attempt. We might see the Fantastic Four used in some capacity in other Fox properties, but on their own there’s little to no hope for another movie until Fox is contractually obligated.

What I find interesting is that Fox will be releasing Deadpool in February of 2016 and it might just be the eye-opening production experience for Fox that might have saved the Fantastic Four if they had just let the talent do what the talent does. It’s too late for Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four, but perhaps Deadpool can teach Fox to lead with a looser rein in the future.

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