Harrison Ford And Chewbacca Finally Reconcile On Jimmy Kimmel

On the outside, Star Wars looks like a movie about aliens, starships, and intergalactic battles. But deep down, the movie is actually about family problems, love, and learning how to deal with them. Ironically, this was the case for the movies two biggest stars. On screen, the duo were inseparable. In real life, their relationship was just the same. That is until the Spring of 2013 when Harrison Ford went on the Jimmy Kimmel show. There, Ford confronted Chewbacca about an affair with his wife before storming off the set. Now 2015, the two have finally reconciled their differences, but it almost came at the cost of someone’s life.

For those of you who may not remember the first encounter in 2013, here is a clip at the moment Chewbacca shows up. Watch how Ford becomes engulfed in anger.

Last night, during an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Chewbacca threatened to jump off the roof of the studio where the show is shot. Luckily, Ford happened to be walking by and Kimmel stopped him for help. Initially, Ford was reluctant and even called for his former companion to jump. But after some persuading and a quick montage featuring Adele’s Hello, Ford ran to the roof and stopped Chewbacca from jumping. The entire clip can be seen here:

After watching that, it’s amazing that the latest installment of Star Wars was filmed. How could they get through their scenes together without breaking out into a fight? It just comes to show how amazing the two actors are at their craft.

Star Wars The Force Awakens opens in theaters on December 18.

Source: Comicbook.com

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