Finally! It’s been 25 years and four direct-to-video sequels, but Kevin Bacon is finally coming back to the role that made him famous(er) as one of the men that brought down the Graboids in the 1990 horror/comedy Tremors. A new series based on Tremors is now in development, with an initially 13-episode first season ready and waiting to be made, and although Syfy tried its hand at making a Tremors TV show more than 10 years ago, this time they have a secret weapon: a side of Bacon. Meaning that when and if this Tremors hits the screen, Kevin Bacon will star, and not just cameo.

It is Entertainment Weekly that revealed that Bacon was returning to Perfection with this new TV project. Of course, Bacon is no stranger to TV work, he’s just come off three seasons of The Following, but this will surely be big news to Tremors fans, many of whom, like myself, noted that the chemistry between Bacon and co-star Fred Ward was one of the draws of that first film. The original cult movie saw Bacon and Ward as handymen Val and Earl, trying to scrape out a living in the small town of Perfection, which just so happens to sit on the hunting ground of giant man-eating worms.

What says Bacon about this? Well, he did offer comment in an interview with IGN earlier this year saying, “I’d love to do something else with Tremors and revisit the character 25 years later. Part of what’s great about that movie is there are next to no digital effects. The monsters are done with puppetry, and it’s still off, funny and scary — it’s a cool accomplishment.”

And then Bacon offered this on Twitter yesterday:

Universal Cable Television and Blumhouse Productions are co-producing the new Tremors series, with Andrew Miller of The Secret Circle fame developing the show. No word yet on when or where you might be able to see it, but we’ll keep you posted with all the latest developments.

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