‘Supergirl’ Going For an Unexpected Superman


DC really seems to know what it is doing lately when it comes to their TV properties, and the latest hero  to hit the small screen is no exception. Supergirl has been both a critical and ratings powerhouse,  despite the first episode being leaked a full 6 months early on download sites and has been a career kick starter for its star Melissa Benoist, but what is more important, it has given female comic fans something to really sink their teeth into, without feeling like a rehash or a low rent Superman clone. In fact the writers have gone out of the way to make sure Supergirl, while referencing and recognizing her  Superman based origins, is a hero in her own right without pandering to a general female audience.
And while Supergirl strives to make her own way in the world, Superman’s presence is still felt, from the  very beginning, choosing to keep the man of steel in shadows, flashbacks or off screen completely.  There were rumblings of Supes actually making a full-fledged appearance with none other than Tom  Welling from CW’s Smallville once again putting on the big S. However  a recent report by TV Line is putting the kibosh on that rumor with news  that the creative team behind Supergirl has put out a casting call for a 13 year old actor “with future leading man looks” to appear in the shows 13th episode for a series of flashbacks.

It is no surprise in keeping with the shows focus on Supergirl that any full frontal reference to Superman would be in flashback only, focusing on his time before putting on the cape. While this may disappoint  some, it only makes sense in maintaining Supergirl as the main focus of the super heroics in the series.

You can catch the Woman of Steel Monday nights on CBS.

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